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 hade (19/10 - 2008 -
 hade dhwari and sarawn

 fana askani (24/6 - 2008 -
 Good step, keep it up. Long live Baluchi...

 Mostafa (13/6 - 2008 -
 salam ma project wikipedia Balochi ra aghaz kardim. lotfan be man be peyvandidi.

 Martin TURNER (08/6 - 2008 -
 Delighted that you found and wish to use our translation of the Sohrab poem, done long ago in the 1980s!

M and F Turner

 Dukhtare Baloch (02/6 - 2008 -
 Respected Journalists

I am a mother of Baloch who are daily martyred, rendered homeless, bombarded, jailed, tortured, kept in solitary confinements, disappeared. Youth & aged are arrested in false cases in Eastern (Pakistan) and Western (Iran) Balochistan, and now it’s Ghulam Haider who is a Baloch residence here. Despite of possessing all documents; birth certificate, identity card, passport, school certificates, local certificate etc. my son is being declared Iranian Baloch & is going to be handed over to Iranian Government. Before this, my son was accused & arrested in a hostage case but was released with honor. In spite of this, my son, Ghulam Haider Raisani, was illegally kept detained in District Jail Quetta like other thousands of innocent Balochs without any case. If my son is handed over to cruel government of Iran, like other millions of Balochs, the Iranians can hang him in an open main Chowk. In that case, this cruel state of Pakistan will be held responsible.

So I appeal to the United Nation, European Union, Amnesty International, Human Right Organizations and beside these, I also appeal to Baloch Nationalist Parties, Organizations and Baloch Students Organizations & moderate/liberal parties to have serious notice of it and save my son from being extradited to the Iran. If my son is handed over to Iranian Government, his execution would be considered as a joint conspiracy of East (Iran) Balochistan & West (Pakistan) Balochistan. The violent death penalties of Balochs in West (Iran) Balochistan are done by Iranian regime to accomplish its target and pride. Similar series of cruelty and violence continues from West & East Balochistan. Nawab Akber Khan Shaheed, Nawabzada Balach Khan Marri Shaheed and Dr. Khalid Shaheed among thousand have been the victims and thousands of other Balochs are deliberately detained in false cases and are left without hope and shelter. To this day, the incidents of cruelty continue with full swing.

As my son has been ordered to be released by the respected court, therefore, in place of giving him to another country, he should be released.

Thank You
Mother of Ghulam Haider Raisani

 sohrab (09/5 - 2008 -

 wahid (18/4 - 2008 -
 Hi Balochi friends, I am very interested in Balochi language, I will appreciate if anybody can help with a dictionary (even online) or a learning website for it, I will appreciate it. my email IDs are and regards, Wahid

 mmlashari (16/1 - 2008 -
it is my first visit to this site and after having experience i will inform about my openion but to tell you as a baluch in bahrain i am not sure if there is a job for somebody to register himself and here Baharani do not give chance to any other comitty to come and work here and ..........

so bye for now and i will contact you soon

 Hassan Khosa (31/12 - 2007 -
 Slam O Alaikum
Brother thx for uploading the music but i would like to download this how ? or plz do something about it once more thx and keep it up.

 vahed (20/10 - 2007 -
 بسمه تغالي
خدمت عزيزان و بزرگواران خودم عرض كنمكه بجز زبان انگليسي از زبان فارسي يا بلوجي براي بلوچهاي ايران استفاده كنيد

 hammal dashti (06/10 - 2007 -
 Dear baloches
Do you know where is the whereabout of engineer karim baloch now a days. he was active n sincere memeber of syad hashmi academy and worked for sayad Ganj . as i know he was working as production manager of steel mills karachi.
please give me his telphone number or email.if he see this message himself, kindly contact me .
hammal dashti
hub balochistan

 chegard (09/9 - 2007 -
  salam baloch raje dozwahan!
shome site baz jovanent ve shome zehmat sad setaa karzant , omytent keh shome gamkij pa baloch bazagin raja,tezter bebatant , alla shomara pa sahbaey manzila sarbekant

 chegard (09/9 - 2007 -
  salam baloch raje dozwahan!
shome site baz jovanent ve shome zehmat sad setaa karzant , omytent keh shome gamkij pa baloch bazagin raja,tezter bebatant , alla shomara pa sahbaey manzila sarbekant

 Shemshad baloch (20/7 - 2007 -
man she shoma karaan baaz delvesh boton. chon mane tovaanin keh elefbaay balochiya balad bain.
nomone ch = c^ man natvaanin vadi kanin.
shome bras

 Raisi (18/7 - 2007 -
 Hi, How are u all in Europe,

Just wanted to say Hi to all the Balouchis ,and be proud of being a balouch

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