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 Alexandre Alberto Visentin Ramos de Araujo (06/9 - 2008 -
 My name is Alexandre Visentin and I am a brazilian Physics teacher. I like your albums very very much, your sounds are great!!!

 "Silja" Anne (17/8 - 2008 -
 Hej Peter!
Hr av dej om du har tid... Kram

 Thomas (08/7 - 2008 -
 You Guys are awesome!I'm listening to Melodic Rock and you Rule!
Greece Rock and love ya guys!!!

 Zoe Chester (10/6 - 2008 -
 Hi Lars
This is the english Rock Chick, Zoe, from when Poison played at Sweden Rock.
Thanks for the cd, I've played it - very melodic and nice.
Pass my regards to your drummer friend - I hope he's well.
Please also send me any photo's you took that night.

Kindest regards


 Lars of Broke[N]Blue (26/11 - 2007 -
 Hi all!
Thanx for stoppin' by and for the nice words...
Haven't been much time for taking care of this page, since the Myspace-page was up...I hope to rebuild it in the future.
If you're online at Myspace, please pay us a visit there too..

Take care/
PS. Alex, keep the 6-strings twangin.. ;-) DS


 Alex (26/11 - 2007 -
 Hey all my great musical family! Didn't check the page out until now and i think it looks SMEXI good :] I say keep it up and rock on! And perhaps you may let me "guest-solo" in an album in the near future :) lots of love to all of you Eva, Frida, and Linn, and a little, little bit extra thanks to Lars (Yngwie) For all help about improvement, motivation, "guitar-talk", gaining knowledge, and truly being a guitar-hero for me to look up to during my own life/time as a musician!

Alex. G

Best regards Alex


 Philippe from PARIS (22/11 - 2007 -
I listen your first CD in my car during the hard traffic jam in PARIS nowdays. It's great and eva's voice is so smooth. When do you make nex production and CD. Let's blew the AOR's blood in your Vein.
Best regard

 Marc (19/7 - 2007 -
you have a very good website. I'm glad about your lyrics. Unfortunately the lyrics of "here she comes, heaven in my hands, heavenly beauty" are missing. Can you complete them?

Thanks Marc

 Robin Vagh (31/12 - 2006 -
 Hi Lasse!

VAGH here.I would like to wish you a "Heavy" New Year!...
Hope itll be a great one...


 Danne (30/11 - 2006 -
 Hello from Doodlin' Danny!
Nice website and 2 good albums. Impressive work! Lookin' forward to next release...

See ya!

 Bormann Clone (26/1 - 2006 -
 Hey guys. From Spain: Cool pretty band. The rivers are calling you to be the best band in the world. The rivers are calling is one of the best songs in this little AOR world. Enourmous song, guys. Thank you to invite us join this pretty songs.

 Maggan/Affe (02/1 - 2006 -

 Kyoko (01/1 - 2006 -
 Happy New Year 2006!!!
I wish you best of luck with everything.


 Pedro (23/12 - 2005 -
 Hi again !!!
Thanks for the mail and the sign in my site.
I also wanna wish you a Merry X-mas and all the best for the new year.
The album is amazing....hope to listen a new one very soon.

 Antonio Augusto Cesar Junior (22/12 - 2005 -
 Good morning, Misters from Broken Blue Band, my name is Antonio Augusto Cesar Junior, I live in Brazil, in the
middle of a jungle, the Amazon Forest, at State of
Par, so if you take a look at the map, at north of
Brazil, Belm is the capital. So Im sorry by bothering
you, but I love your sounds, the way you play your
musics, all the instruments very well played, thats
because I love your musics very much, mainly
Progressive Rock, Pop Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal,
Punk, everything that means rock. Please, if you can do
me a favor, so this is important to me, you could send
to me a PROMO CD from your musics, the way you play
your songs is really fantastic, please, if you can do
this to me, so if you give me the permission to play
your songs in a FM Station here in my city, ok, if you
dont give me the right to do it, believe me I wont
play. I dont lend my cds to anybody I keep them at
my bedroom, only to me hear them. Im 41 years old, but
I love music,this is very important to me. I really
thank you if you can do this dream to become true, if
dont, is a great pleasure to write an e-mail to a
great band. Thanks again and God blesses you in your
musician life. My address is Rua So Francisco 833.
Bairro Batista Campos, CEP 66023530. Belm Par Brazil.

Take a look at these sites of my city, youll love
them, and will know better where I live.

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