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 Yuki (12/12 - 2005 -
I came from Japan.
Please visit our website!

I support good melodic rock bands like BROKE[N]BLUE!

 Linne (18/11 - 2005 -
Ni är bäst mamma, pappa, Peter och Uffe!
Ni spelar så rockig musik.....
kramar Linn

 Erik Hardam (14/10 - 2005 -
 Hi guys ! Thanks for a great record and altho i liked the Northen Light album i think you have managed to take it even a few steps further. No fillers on board of this baby. And that with an album of 60 minutes. Great effort guys ( see my comments on Keep it up and keep rockin. This is the aor/melodic rock music we cant get enuf of. Excellent songs and the male/female singing works perfectly. Cheers !

 jonas (15/9 - 2005 -
 Tjena! Tänkte bara gratulera till en fantastisk platta,har lyssnat konstant i både bil o hemma.Det är så här musik ska låta.Hoppas inte detta blir sista plattan....

Aor/melodic hardrock forever!!!

 Tobias (11/9 - 2005 -
 Så där nu är platta numer två beställd från Ginza. Jag hoppas och tror att den är lika bra som den första. Ha det gött i Körsva!

 Pedro "Tenazza" (29/7 - 2005 -
 A big hail from Spain, mates!
I´ve just listened a sample of your music at strike up the bands and it sounds GREAT!!!
I hope to buy the album in the next days
I´d like you to visit my site and sign my guestbook.
As soon as I write a review for the site I´ll keep you emailed OK?
Have a good summer and Rock on!
Best Regards

 Zorro11 (28/7 - 2005 -
 Greetings from the italian rock 'n' metal portal! "The Waiting" is a very good album!!! Bye! ;)

 Munichs Hardest Hits (25/7 - 2005 -
 Hi all!

excellent work. You are our CD OF THE WEEK.
Rock on!
Best regards from Munich!

Tom and Peter

 Christian (17/7 - 2005 -
 Hey, greetings from Germany. Cool site and great music!
Check out the download section at the HUMAN PARANOID Homepage at
Old School Thrash Metal From Germany

 theodosis miras (13/7 - 2005 -
 very cool website
i wish all the best for your new release

 Sonny (12/7 - 2005 -
 Hi there,

on ROCK & METAL HEAVEN ( ) you can find a review (in German) about "The Waiting".


 Törsten (06/7 - 2005 -
 Where the heck is that album then???
Looking forward to cover it in mayo and feed my dog with it. truly yours T.

 Arne (03/7 - 2005 -
By visiting my webzine you will find an interview with Lars and a review about The Waiting.
Keep Shining!

 Tomas E-tuna (03/7 - 2005 -
 Hej! önskar er alla en skön semester!!Hoppas nya plattan säljer bra!Låter kanon!

take care!

Tomas N

 Joey (28/6 - 2005 -
 im joey from the melodic hard rock band Paradisend .
and i invite you to visit our new website and if you
want you could download some tracks on multimedia
linkers. best wishes and good luck!

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