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Xerver Free Web and FTP Server

Xerver is an advanced free GNU GPL Web and FTP server.

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    Xerver brief feature list:
  • Very fast and low memory usage.
  • GNU GPL open source.
  • Contains all features the larger web servers offers:
    • PHP and Perl support
    • FTP server included
    • Virtual directories
    • Password protected folders
    • Customized error messages ("404 Not Found")
    • Much, much more (see full list below).

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    Top 25 reasons to use Xerver free web server!

  • User Friendly
    • A very-easy-to-use setup web interface, including a Setup Wizard.
    • "Check for updates" feature is included.

  • Features
    • A complete FTP server is included.
    • HTTP/0.9, HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1 supported.
    • All HTTP methods supported (GET, POST and HEAD).
    • Advanced logging.
    • Create aliases (virtual directories).
    • Create password protected folders. (Create users and choose which folder(s) each user shall have access to).
    • Run CGI-scripts (run your own scripts on your hard drive). Among other script types, Perl and PHP scripts can be run.
    • Allow/deny directory listing.
    • Choose which port Xerver shall use.
    • Use your own error pages (for example "404 Not Found").
    • Choose which files shall be considered index-files.
    • Run Xerver as a background process.
    • Remote administration available.

  • Security
    • Allow users to download only files with certain file extensions.
    • Choose which folder(s) you want to share.
    • Choose if you want to share hidden files.
    • If you create password protected folders, the crypto that is used by Xerver is a safe one-way crypto which by today has no known decrypting algorithms.

  • About Xerver
    • Xerver is freeware.
    • Xerver is open source, released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
    • Any computer/system (such as Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac etc.) with a Java interpreter installed can run Xerver.
    • Requires less than 1 Mb hard drive space.
    • Requires very low system resources.
    • Xerver is fast, free and reliable. Why use something else?

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